Tholls All-Inclusive Services a Standout

Boosting the growth of your business in a high-speed competitive market, especially when strapped for time, is a chief reason business clients turn to Tholls.

Partnering with this 3rd-party shipping and logistics services industry leader to get products to consumers, means that the challenges and concerns any e-commerce venture might encounter simply fall away.

The lodestone of Tholls, which is owned by Tholls LLC, is that it presents business owners a comprehensive landscape of 3rd-party shipping and logistics services, some unique or rarely found in the industry.

All the services your company needs to succeed in the marketplace and be competitive are included. This means that business owners will have no need to turn to other supply-chain companies for supplemental services.

Looking for Choices & Options?

Some 3rd-party shipping companies, such as Stackry, MyUS, and Borderlinx, focus on providing clients one set of services – shipping retail products purchased by clients globally.

Tholls, however, handles international shipping of retail purchases as well as mail forwarding services. And while mail forwarding is an essential component of its business structure, there are more services available to business clients.

Here are some of the services that distinguishes Tholls from others in the 3rd-party shipping and logistics solutions industry:

  • Mail forwarding services
  • Incoming shipments outgoing shipments
  • Transportation management system
  • Business logistics solutions
  • Order fulfillment services
  • Fulfillment by Amazon
  • Quality control
  • Consulting services

And to reduce errors and make sure business clients stay competitive, and speed up delivery, Tholls’s advanced technology is integrated into its processing. The use of technology gives clients an edge, keeping track of shipments and providing insights on inventory and purchase habits.

Depending on what their needs are, business clients can choose. And it gets even better. Service options can be customized or streamlined to meet any unique needs of a business client’s operation. This translates into business clients saving time and money, freeing them up to pay more attention on creating products and building their business brands.

Setting high customer service standard

And to enhance the list of service options, the company’s customer service is among the best in the industry. Customer service representatives are readily available to handle any concerns or questions from clients, And the company provides complementary services such as real estate consultation, storage solutions, and workplace layout and design.

We base our business on customizing our basic plans to meet the needs and desires of our customers,” according to the company’s website at “Each business has its own unique features and one plan is not going to fulfill the needs of every customer.”

Tholls points out that it has two main goals. The first is providing clients with essential services at affordable prices. And the second is maintaining stellar customer service that keeps clients loyal.

The company also makes it easier for clients to succeed, offering among the lowest rates for services in the industry. Any savings the company realizes from negotiations with vendors are extended to business clients.

And above all, the company welcomes feedback from business clients. All strategic moves or policy changes the company makes are assessed based on how they affect clients’ businesses. And If an idea or policy has no major benefits, Tholls discards it and looks for other beneficial solutions.



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