15 Ways to Help Your Dog Shine in Competitions

Preparing your dog for the big leagues goes beyond physical training; it’s about mastering an array of tricks and cues to showcase their skills.

From basic obedience to show-stopping performances, each skill is crucial for shining in the competitive arena. In this article, we share must-know tricks to help you and your pet dominate the competition scene.

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Here are some essential tricks your dog should know before stepping into the competition ring.

How can I prepare my dog for a competition?

1. Basic obedience cues

Before entering any competition, ensure your dog is proficient in basic obedience cues such as “sit”, “stay”, “come”, “down”, and “heel”. These cues serve as the foundation for more advanced tricks and are essential for control and safety during competitions.

2. Focus and attention

Train your dog to maintain focus and attention on you, even in distracting environments. This skill is crucial for competitions where dogs need to follow the handler’s cues amidst various distractions.

3. Walking nicely on a leash

Teach your dog to walk calmly on a leash without pulling. In competitions like obedience trials or rally obedience, dogs should demonstrate controlled leash manners while performing various tasks.

4. Retrieve

Train your dog to retrieve objects on cue. Retrieving is a fundamental skill in many competitions, including fetch competitions, flyball, and obedience trials.

5. Stay and wait

Teach your dog to stay or wait patiently in a designated position until released. This cue is essential for obedience trials, agility courses, and other competitions where dogs need to remain still until given further instructions.

6. Spin and turn

Train your dog to spin or turn in a circle on cue. This trick adds flair to performances in competitions like freestyle or agility, showcasing your dog’s agility and coordination.

7. Jumping over obstacles

Practice jumping over low obstacles or hurdles with your dog. This skill is essential for agility competitions, where dogs navigate through obstacle courses comprising jumps, tunnels, weave poles, etc.

8. Paw shake or high-five

Teach your dog to shake paws or give a high five. While this trick may seem simple, it adds charm and personality to performances in trick dog competitions or freestyle events.

9. Play dead or rollover

Train your dog to play dead or roll over on command. These tricks are crowd-pleasers in trick dog competitions and showcase your dog’s ability to perform complex behaviours.

10. Weave between legs

Teach your dog to weave between your legs as you walk. This trick demonstrates close coordination between you and your dog and is often featured in freestyle routines or heelwork-to-music performances.

11. Retrieve specific objects by name

Train your dog to retrieve specific objects by name. This skill is helpful in various competitions and can be especially impressive in trick dog or obedience trials.

12. Stay in position (sit/down/stand)

Train your dog to stay in a specific position (sit, down, or stand) until released. This cue is essential for obedience trials and showcases your dog’s discipline and focus.

13. Bark on cue

Teach your dog to bark or speak on cue. While excessive barking may be penalized in some competitions, controlled barking on cue can add flair to performances in trick dog or freestyle competitions.

14. Target training

Train your dog to touch or target specific objects with their nose or paws. Target training is a versatile skill that can be applied in various competitions, including obedience, agility, and rally obedience.

15. Focus and eye contact

Encourage your dog to maintain eye contact with you during training sessions. Establishing a solid bond and communication through eye contact is crucial for success in many competitions.

By mastering these tricks and commands, your pup will be well-prepared to dazzle judges and excel in various competitions, showcasing their talents and the bond you share.

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So why not explore your options and invest in your pup’s future success?