7 Sustainable Packaging Ideas for 2022

Businesses must understand the impact their products have on the environment and address such a burden. Consumers are also becoming more vocal about their stand to have a more sustainable approachto the products that companies generate and sell in the market.

According to IBM’s report, 6 out of 10 consumers surveyed are willing toadopt more environmentally-friendly shopping habits. Accordingly, environmentally-conscious individuals prefer to purchase from companies that share their concerns.

As the purchasing behavior of consumers is changing due to their sentiments with environmentalsustainability, many businesses must leverage this trend and consider using environmentally-friendly packaging.

Initially, a packaging is only considered sustainable if it meets five criteria: removable, reductive, recyclable, renewable, and reusable. It was then shortened to the famous three Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Today, sustainable packaging refers to a brand’s overall sustainability and environmental impact, utilizing renewable and recycled materials.

Such items are manufactured using clean production technologies and best practices. Green packaging is also beneficial for consumers throughout their lifecycle. It refers to using materials to wrap, pack, and ship products that are reusable and biodegradable. 

Green packaging often uses kraft paper bags, used mainly in food and beverage products. Materials used in this packaging are suitable for high-quality prints. 

Furthermore, sustainable packaging aims to reduce the environmental impact and ecological damage that packaging has long inflicted on the planet. There is no excuse for a company to disregard the greener policy towards packaging.

After all, the world is suffering due to many reasons, specifically pollutants. Packaging materials contribute to the world’s pollution problem. There are many ways for a business to reduce its carbon footprint and build customer loyaltytoits brand.Using environmentally-friendly packaging such as paper bags for grocery is an excellent start in doing so.

Read this infographic from Bagitan Packaging to learn some of the sustainable packaging ideas for 2022.