8 Skills Needed for a Career in Finance Job

Pursuing a career in the finance sector is a dream for a lot of individuals in India. Currently, organisations are on the lookout for skilled professionals in the finance sector. There are plenty of finance jobs and employment opportunities available in the market.

So, if you are searching for a finance job, then make sure that you have all the skills required to get selected. You, as a finance professional, must develop the best skills that can secure you promising jobs in reputed organisations.

Presently, the finance industry in India is advancing rapidly, creating new and exciting career opportunities. In this article, we have listed 8 skills that all finance aspirants should possess to land their dream job in the finance industry with ease.

1) Analytical thinking

Analytical thinking is one of the most important skills for finance individuals. Analytical thinking means looking at and trying to understand a scenario and interpret it. Not only that, but you must also derive an intelligent solution as well. From technical to interpersonal, you will have to find a solution for all types of problems.

2) Accounting skills

Accounting skills mean the ability that allows you to track, record, and manage financial transactions easily and correctly. All the organisations expect you to possess accounting skills as they are critical for doing financial analysis, financial reporting, data management, and a lot of other complex tasks like financial modelling and structuring.

3) Business intelligence

You will be tasked with making smart decisions for your businesses. In order to make wise and insightful decisions, you must research and learn how to predict inventory, sales, and other vital information.

You must foresee what the market conditions are going to be like. You must know ERP tools like SAP or Oracle for managing inventory, assessing future purchases, and overall smooth functioning of inventory.

4) Financial modelling

This is a process of describing a real financial scenario through abstract methods. You must design a mathematical model that showcases an asset’s or portfolio’s financial performance in a set term.

5) Financial reporting

Financial reporting is a way of declaring financial results and all the related information and data to all the stakeholders and people from upper management. Just like accounting skills, financial reporting skills are of equal importance. 

6) Cash flow management

This is a process in which you as a finance professional must analyse, monitor, and optimise cash receipts your organisation receives after subtracting cash expenses. Organisations use cash flow management to handle their finances and focus on growth as it keeps a record of transactions.

7) Mathematics and calculus

Having solid calculative skills will help you tremendously as a finance professional. Be it data management or financial analysis, there are various segments in which you can apply your core mathematics knowledge.

8) Financial Management

It refers to organising, planning, and controlling financial activities to gain and use funds. Financial management uses and applies general management concepts and ideas to the organisation’s financial resources.