Different Kinds of Reusable Bags and Their Uses 

Are you aware that there are different kinds of reusable bags out there? The plastic bags you see are not the same kind – you find different varieties. There are different designs and you have the option of customizing the bags as well. 

If you have a line of products, a brand, or a store that sells something, you would need to place a bulk order of reusable bags. These days stores have started setting a price for reusable bags – customers choose to pay for them and they can skip them altogether. However, let’s see it from a different lens. Most buyers would purchase a number of products, so they can’t leave the store without a package. It’s tough to carry all the purchased products in your hand. 

Now, this article sheds light on the different kinds of reusable bags and their uses. Before placing a bulk order and customizing the reusable bags, we would like to highlight the different kinds of bags made for different products. 

  • Side Seal Bags 

These can be made without or with a lip. The side seal bags are ideal for garbage, bakery products, notion bags, and agricultural products. 

If you are opting for fabrication sac plastique Junise, you will get to customize these side seal bags. In case you have a bakery or wish to sell agricultural products like fruits, vegetables, and more, the side seal bags are great. 

  • Bottom seal bags 

These bags are good for magazine covers, food packaging, and furniture bags. Experts suggest that this bag is meant for heavy-duty use. The seal is strong, so you might wish to place something that needs extra space and holding. 

  1. T-shirt bags 

Do you run a restaurant/retail store/grocery? If yes, then you should get T-shirt bags in your store. You can pack things in this T-shirt bag and give them away to the customers. Just like stores are charging extra for plastic bags, you can also charge a small amount. This way there is less wastage and you are not giving away the bags for free. 

  • Door-knob hanger bags 

This is a convenient package because it has a little hole on top. You can fill it up with groceries, vegetables, fruits, newspaper, waste, etc, and hang it somewhere. 

The good thing about this bag is that it does not have to stay on the ground. 

Concluding Thoughts 

There are many more types of reusable plastic bags. You can check out Junise’s side gusset, bottom gusset, ice bags, reverse lip bags, and more. 

As a brand/company/store-owner, you need the right kind of reusable plastic bags to give away your products.