Eric Minoli Has Contributed to The Digitalization of Some Companies 


Disruption has become a part of everyone’s day-to-day life. It has become quite far from possible for the industries that deal with the transformation and innovation field in the world. This is when a need for an outside perspective is required, and the best source for the required industries is Calimero Consulting and its consultant Eric Minoli. 

Eric Minoli is a disruptor and innovator who is a consultant in Calimero Consulting. He is an entrepreneur that specializes in risk-taking, creativity, and also digital media entrepreneurship. He takes pride in being the process engineer with the organizational vision for the industries that need their help. 

This best disruptor has experience for many decades, and for 30 years, he has fearlessly worked in such a way that he can push all the limits set by the world of education and media. His works are quite famous in these sectors, and it has even won him some prestigious awards in not-for-profit, private, and also government agencies. 

It has become quite difficult for businesses to come up with some techniques that are not only innovative, but also modern. These options are the basic requirements when it comes to making a transition in the world of businesses. Calimero Consulting is one such source that can help such businesses to transit systematically in the world of business modernization. 

Eric Minoli consultant of Calimero Consulting helps businesses with all the possibilities and challenges that they face in the world of digitalization. Such challenges include – 

  1. Change strategy and its absence in the digitalization 
  2. Budget 
  3. Complicated technology and software 
  4. Digital security 
  5. Rigid adoptive measures 
  6. Fixed mindset 
  7. The changing needs of the customers in the world of digitalization constantly 
  8. The non-existence of the digital transformation approach 
  9. Lack of IT skills 

Facing all these challenges has become quite difficult for the entrepreneurs, and also the digitization industry and this is when the help of Eric Minoli is like a boon to these sectors. Many industries have successfully become digitized with the help of this expert consultant. 

Eric Minoli takes pride in having educational experience in many countries such as India, Brazil, the United States, France, and Canada. All these educational backgrounds have helped him to foster a strong pragmatic, and also the best multicultural vision. 

His additional degrees such as a bachelor’s from the University of Provence (France), a mini-MBA from the University of McGill, and a Digital Transformation Certification, and the University of California, Berkeley are his best guides for leading any business towards a bright and digitized future. 

He has won the prestigious 2017 IBC Innovation Awards and has been nominated as a finalist for many awards such as IABM 2017 Game Changer Awards, 2017 Digital TV Europe Content Innovation Awards, and much more. 

The experience of Eric Minoli has fetched him the opportunities to work with some prestigious brands such as Les Medias Francophones Publiques,, TFO, and so on. You can find out more about his achievements in the field by visiting the official webpage of Calimero Consulting.