Granny Suites as an Alternative to Nursing Homes

Whether you’re one of the millions of Americans who care for an elderly relative, you might be wondering if there’s a better location to satisfy their needs than your own home. You may consider placing them in a nursing home, but first, consider an accessory housing unit (ADU).

Your family member may be able to receive the care and monitoring they require without having to leave their house if you establish an ADU on your property. These facilities ease carers’ duties and are a good alternative to nursing homes. Please keep reading to find out more about ADUs in Atherton, CA, and whether they are a good fit for your family.

Physically Close Proximity

The most significant benefit of having an ADU in your backyard while caring for an elderly family member or loved one is that it provides them with more space and privacy, allowing them to feel more at ease and protected. It is possible to care for a loved one while being independent and free. An ADU allows you to always be close to your aging parent, whether you’re giving them a meal or providing medical care. An ADU in your backyard benefits you, your neighbors, and the entire community.

ADUs Are Becoming Increasingly Popular

ADUs, or auxiliary dwelling units, are becoming increasingly popular as a way to house visiting family members or elderly relatives. These modest supplementary houses are usually built to an existing structure and provide adequate living space close to the main property.

ADUs also allow families to live close together even if financial or other constraints prevent them from living under the same roof. An ADU may provide your loved ones with the privacy and help they want, whether they are going through a tough time or desire to live on their own for the first time (in a more secure environment). Furthermore, secondary homes of this size are sometimes less expensive than bigger ones, making them appropriate for those on a limited budget.

An ADU can be a low-cost way to increase living space for your growing or elderly family. Because of its customizable architecture and numerous benefits, it might be the appropriate solution to your housing problems.

Commencement of an ADU Construction

There are a few things to think about before starting the process of building an ADU. Before constructing an extra dwelling unit, you must first assess whether your property meets the requirements. The following considerations should not be overlooked:

  • Any easements on your property
  • Your lot’s size and shape
  • Local zoning ordinances

After you’ve accomplished these preliminary steps, you may move on to the design and building phases. If something looks to be too tough, consider yourself fortunate. Acton ADU is one of California’s most experienced companies specializing in the development of extra dwelling units. Their team has over 30 years of combined expertise, so you can be certain that you’re in good hands. They may be able to help you with the following issues while building an auxiliary dwelling unit in California:

  • Permits and fees are unanticipated expenses in the project budget.
  • Alternatives to government housing financing.
  • The house’s visibility

Working with Acton ADU means you’ll have a fully-furnished, custom-designed, conventionally-built home in your backyard. See how other families in your circumstances coped with the need for extra room when you click here. One of their distinctive ADUs has a fully-equipped kitchen, a comfortable living area with a mounted TV, a roomy bedroom, a bathroom with stacked washer and dryer units, and a separate office space. With so many options, you may tailor your ADU to your family’s specific requirements.

Safety Precautions

There are numerous important factors to consider if you are thinking about adding an ADU to your house to provide housing for your elderly or disabled loved ones. Compliance with regional building codes and security standards must be prioritized. Some of the safety features that may be installed in your ADU include a nonslip floor, grab bars in the bathroom, and lever handles for opening and closing doors (instead of standard doorknobs).

Caregiving, cleaning, and other basic activities can be difficult, so consider what kind of help your loved ones might need. Acton ADU provides different conveniences, such as washing connections, to make monotonous activities like laundry easy.

Finally, it would be best if you devised a comprehensive strategy for coping with this change, as well as determine who will be responsible for paying for any necessary repairs or modifications. If you prepare ahead of time and analyze all of your options, you can guarantee that everyone involved has a good and productive experience with your ADU.

Caring for Elderly Family Members

The challenges may be exacerbated if a family member has Alzheimer’s disease or another deadly condition. To begin, coping with the desires and actions of someone who is unwell might be difficult. Living in an ADU might also put a person’s ability to retain a feeling of normalcy and independence at risk. One answer to these issues is to hire a professional nurse or home care provider to provide ongoing care and support.

Medication administration, vital sign monitoring, and hands-on assistance are all possible duties. Because of the ADU’s isolation, both the nurse and your loved one may go about their daily routines in harmony, and on difficult days, everyone can relax in their own room.

Caring for an elderly family member can be challenging, but there are many services available to help, such as in-home physical therapists. Making this journey as comfortable as possible will ultimately depend on your ability to find flexible solutions that meet both your needs and the needs of the person you are keeping watch over.

Final Thoughts

ADUs provide benefits to homeowners and their families in a number of ways. We recommend that anybody thinking about creating an ADU for a loved one get started right away. Before you undertake any project, you should consider local zoning constraints and how to develop the area to meet your needs. The personnel at Acton ADU are happy to help with any of the issues mentioned above and more. You may be certain that your ADU project will be handled professionally due to their years of experience in the sector. You may start by calling them right now.