How Long Does It Take for A Personal Loan To Be Approved In Singapore?


If you are short of money to pay a bill, need money to renovate your home, looking for a car loan or another type of personal loan in Singapore.  A personal loan is a type of credit that you use to borrow money and repay over time. When you need cash quickly, it might be hard to find the right lender for your needs. Lucky for you, Singapore is home to some of the best lenders in the world. In this post, we’ll explore how long it might take for a personal loan to be approved in Singapore.

Approval of personal loans may vary from person to person based on your credits and your eligibility criteria. Find out below how long does it take for a personal loan to be approved in Singapore

Licensed Moneylender

If you want a person from a licensed money lender then it will take a day or minutes to get approved. They use the tech-enabled algorithm to use proper time. A good licensed money lender will be able to pay back all the clients and even make a profit. On the other hand, a not-so-good company will be required to close. However, even with a license, there are some alternatives to licensed money lenders out there. A lot of people look for unlicensed illegal lenders because they are cheaper and offer more flexible terms but going with these is risky as you can never be sure if or when the lender will call in their debt. Working with an unlicensed lender also means that your credit score will be affected which could cause other potential lenders to deny your request for an approved loan from them in the future.


The bank process is different from the licensed money lender. your loan won’t get approved in minutes, it will take time and you may receive your money the next or a few days after your loan approval. The bank funding process depends on the time taken for the approval process. There are a lot of different banks in Singapore with different credit review processes. Hence, the approval process is different for different banks. 

Is it good to take personal loans for investments?

It is good to take a personal loan to invest in, not just because it allows you to get your hands on more cash, but also because the interest accrued on it can be used as a passive income. Additionally, if your potential investment is stock-based and you invest by going long on it, this can mean bigger returns for your money. To be able to use a personal loan to invest, you must have a good credit score and a steady stream of income that is higher than the minimum requirements.

If you are looking to invest in real estate or stocks, but do not have the cash on hand to go ahead with the deal, then it is good to take a personal loan to invest. This way you can continuously earn passive income even while sleeping and not having touched your initial investment until it begins to show a profit. If your savings are invested in long-term investments such as stocks, then you will be able to get bigger returns than if they were invested in short-term saving accounts or bonds that pay lesser amounts of interest over shorter periods.

Which lender is the best renovation loan in Singapore?

The answer for, which lender is best renovation loan Singapore, many lenders offer renovation loans in Singapore. In short, these are loans that help bridge the gap between your cash flow and the cost of renovating a home. Lenders make renovations much easier as you only need to focus on your home improvement plans and have access to greater capital for improvements.

Lenders also combine renovation loan with your mortgage loan, thereby allowing you to commute for less each month and helping you save on interest payments. You also no longer need to worry about having enough money because lenders provide additional sums if it turns out not enough is available during this phase. There is also no hassle involved in dealing with lenders because they do everything for you such as appraise your property, provide the necessary paperwork and even pay the contractors.