It Is Possible To Avoid Delays In Thread Tap Sourcing

Getting one’s thread taps delivered in a timely fashion every time has turned out to be a huge challenge for the customers. Thread taps may be very simple manufacturing tools but they play a significant role in any manufacturing set up. If you need to manufacture threaded components then without the required UN thread tap or the other types of thread taps your component should require, it is not possible to proceed with the production process. 

Avoiding delays when sourcing thread taps is of paramount importance. In case you have been having a tough time handling such delays then here are a few simple measures that you could take to handle such delays better. 

To start with before you proceed to order your ACME thread taps or UN thread taps, you should double check whether the manufacturer you have selected is the right match for your requirements. The manufacturer should be able to handle your custom requirements and they should have enough experience dealing with custom thread tap manufacturing orders. Secondly, the manufacturer should also have the required facilities to manufacture the required volume of thread taps. 

Upon identifying the right manufacturer, you need to do a bit of homework at your end while planning your sourcing cycles and sourcing calendars. This is where you will be able to set right most of the delays related challenges. Get the past data on the quantities that you have been dealing with. How many types of thread taps are being used in your factory and what is the required quantity for each month? There will be of course fluctuations in the number of thread taps used depending on the number of times the thread taps break but you will have access to information on the maximum and the minimum numbers used. In other words, you will know the range instead of exact number of thread taps you should order. 

What is the maximum manufacturing capacity of your manufacturer? How long does it take to manufacture the required quantity in every batch you order? How long does it take for the thread gauge to reach you from the manufacturer? When you have information on all these factors you will be in a better position to plan. 

You should not wait until the last thread tap is on the tapping machine. Orders should always be placed at least two sourcing cycles ahead of the requirement date. You will be using the thread taps regularly and ordering them in advance should therefore not be a problem. This is not a perishable item but could be stored safely for a long time. When you order two cycles ahead of requirements cycle, then if there should be delay in any of the components listed above, you do not have to panic because you have enough buffer time. You will never run out of your thread taps just by following this simple sourcing strategy. Look for a trustworthy manufacturer to order your thread taps.