If you have a pest control business, you will agree that sometimes you have had customers call when you are all covered up in the middle of a fumigation processor out of the business hours. The truth is, you are missing profitable work by missing those calls. The competition in the pest control sector is stiff, and the client may have to go to your competitor if you can answer their calls on time. Also, it can be expensive to hire a receptionist, so what do you do?

The good news is that you can partner with a professional pest control answering service that provides you with a live receptionist to answer your calls whenever you are at work and forward critical messages. The receptionist takes time to understand the unique needs of your business to handle your overflow calls 24/7. Here is how a virtual receptionist can benefit your pest control business.

Boost your revenue

Some clients will call during odd hours whenever they discover a pest problem in their home. The question is, do they reach your business competitor before they reach you? Choosing a virtual receptionist guarantees you that you never have to miss any calls because you are working or the client called in the wee hours of the night. 

Custom call answering for your business

A pest control answering service provides you with a custom answering service to suit your unique business needs. The receptionist can also help you make your workdays more manageable with smart scheduling and contacting you with whatever convenient channel.

Save time

A virtual reception for answering all your pest control business calls saves you time in ways you can never imagine. They pick all your business calls and screen them before forwarding them to you. They can manage all your customer inquiries without your input and deliver critical messages to you. They also answer your calls 24/7, so you are free to relax during the night, weekends and holidays without ignoring your clients. That also means you don’t have to go through the endless spam calls to identify good calls because there is someone to do that. Generally, a telephone answering service for your business can help you work out your work-life balance making you more productive.

Save money

Hiring a receptionist or an in-house team to handle all your calls in your pest control services company is not only expensive but doesn’t guarantee you efficiency. But partnering with a call answering service saves you more money without the tax implications of hiring staff.

Gove a positive impression of your business

Having a professional 24/7 answering service for your business improves your customer service and gives a long-lasting positive impression to your new and existing clients. A live receptionist is trained to answer calls professionally and courteously from the first greeting to the end of the call.

The bottom line

Having a pest control answering service for your company, whether big or small, ensures you never miss any critical client calls or messages. A live receptionist also helps you schedule your work appointments and dispatching for more work efficiency.