What is the printable adhesive motorcycle wraps?

motorcycle vinyl wrap is a roll of white based printable vinyl. The material of this vinyl wrap motorcycle has its own adhesive property, which can be directly pasted and wrapped on the fuel tank of the motorcycle after printing. The installation is very simple and no additional installation aids are required.

The surface of motorcycle wrap is a white printable layer, and can support printing methods such as solvent, ECO, UV, latex, etc. Usually, the surface of the standard vinyl wrap motorcycle is white glossy.

motorcycle tank wrap is specially designed for the motorcycle wrapping market, on the basis of ensuring the printable property. The wrapping property of motorcycle vinyl wrap is also very good. The overall material is very soft and has a certain degree of stretchability. It can be stretched and stretched to wrap on irregularly shaped motorcycle helmets or motorcycle mailboxes.

In order to ensure the long-term outdoor use of motorcycle tank wrap on motorcycles, vinyl wrap for motorcycle is matched with ultra-high-viscosity adhesives, which can be firmly pasted on the surface of motorcycle fuel tanks, and will not easily warp and curl. Even if it is used outdoors for a long time, motorcycle vinyl wrap will not fall off.

The main purpose of motorcycle wrap is to protect the motorcycle fuel tank and play a beautifying role. The common feature of motorcycles on the market is that the motorcycle fuel tank and motorcycle helmet have a large curvature, and there is a certain rigid demand for the ductility and softness of motorcycle film products. So custom motorcycle fuel tanks fit perfectly.

To ensure the long-term use of the printable motorcycle wrap after being wrapped in motorcycle fuel tanks and helmets, high-viscosity and strong adhesives are added to the design of vinyl wrap motorcycle. Therefore, motorcycle vinyl wrap can be firmly attached to the motorcycle for a long time after use without falling off.

Due to the ultra-high viscosity and ultra-soft properties of vinyl motorcycle wrap, vinyl wrap for motorcycle has no special requirements on the surface of the object when it is used. Whether it is used as a vinyl cover material for motorcycle bodywork or a motorcycle helmet cover material, it is very good.