What VoIP Systems Can Do for You

One way to make a phone call is through a local area network (LAN), and another is through a VoIP phone system. In 1995, voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) was born. Since then, it has enabled the digitization of analog voice signals and their transmission via the Internet between different IP addresses. Because of its low cost, ease of use, and ability to quickly connect with clients worldwide, VoIP phone systems have quickly become an essential tool for companies. Workplace productivity and operational expenses are both enhanced by employees’ greater availability and mobility.

Expertise Raise the Value of VoIP Services

By making the move to VoIP, small businesses can save their local call rates by roughly 40%. Local companies can save 90% or more on their international phone costs by switching to VoIP. When businesses make the move to VoIP, they often notice savings of 50–75 percent. Changes to VoIP resulted in a 75% drop in communication costs for some businesses.

With VoIP technology, regular phone calls are cut by more than 35 minutes. Mobile workers can increase their efficiency and problem-solving time by around 70% with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Businesses that made the transition to VoIP and cloud-based phone systems saw the largest savings, ranging from 30 to 50 percent.

Freedom of Movement and Activism

Everyone with an Internet connection can now communicate with anyone else in the world. Virtual private phone systems only require a digital gadget and an internet connection.

Adaptability is Made Possible via VoIP

The available lines in a private box exchange (PBX) system limit the amount of phones that a company can set up. Conversely, VoIP networks are constrained by the available bandwidth. Because of this, companies can now consider the possibility of rapidly establishing thousands of connections over VoIP.

The Sound Quality

Using this strategy, as long as the Internet speed is high enough, VoIP customers will have an audio quality that is comparable to analog connections.

Extra Services Are Not Hidden From You

Call waiting, three-way calling, and call forwarding are still extra services that certain landlines and mobile phone carriers charge for. Your VoIP phone system package will not contain any hidden costs for “extras.” Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) streamlines phone calls and also allows for the transfer of huge files, such as photographs and papers. Teleconferences can now take place mid-session, all because of VoIP technology.

Superior VoIP Protection in the Cloud

There are now many layers of security in place to prevent infections, data loss, and unauthorized access to VoIP in the cloud, which was formerly vulnerable to hackers.

Increase Revenue by Using VoIP

Voice over Internet protocol, or VoIP, might be a godsend for businesses that require nothing more than an Internet connection and a “softphone.” “Softphones” are applications that enable users to utilize their Internet-connected devices, such as smartphones or iPads, to conduct VoIP phone conversations while wearing a headset. In order to save businesses the hassle of searching for the appropriate software, VoIP phone system providers include softphones in their services. Softphones, which resemble regular phones in appearance and functionality, allow customers to use the many features of the Clarity Voice VoIP phone system, including the ability to make and receive calls.

Utilize Clarity Voice’s VoIP Services to Elevate Your Business to New Heights

For almost 20 years after it opened its doors, Clarity Voice has been your trusted source for VoIP services in the cloud. Our technology is available in carrier-class data centers around the United States.