3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying Property in Koliwada

Worli Koliwada was one of the seven islands that were amalgamated to form the modern city of Mumbai. The locality is a unique urban village that boasts a rich cultural, historical, and social heritage. It is primarily inhabited by the Koli community, who were the original inhabitants of Mumbai, along with the East Indians.

Koliwada offers visitors a breathtaking sight – a charming and vibrant fishing village nestled between the magnificent Bandra-Worli Sea Link and the towering skyscrapers. This picturesque location is a testament to the unique blend of traditional and modern lifestyles that coexist in Worli, a bustling commercial and residential hub in Mumbai. And if you wish for abode in such a surrounding, you should definitely consider looking for flats in Koliwada:

Evolution From a Fishing Village to a Promising Locality

Worli Koliwada is a unique and fascinating strip of land, and the name Koliwada translates to “fishing village” in the local language. With its historical roots in fishing, the locality has witnessed a lot of development in the last few years.

Although the area has transformed into a promising real estate hub, Koliwada is also taking various initiatives to promote and preserve Worli Koliwada’s cultural heritage. This includes celebrating and supporting local artisans and their crafts, promoting tourism that showcases the village’s unique character and history, and educating visitors and residents on the value of preserving cultural heritage.

Upcoming Real Estate Projects

This quaint neighborhood in Mumbai has been witnessing a surge in real estate development in recent times. The area has become a sought-after location for homebuyers and investors alike, owing to its proximity to the city’s commercial centers and excellent connectivity.

Several prominent real estate developers have launched premium residential projects in Koliwada, catering to the growing demand for quality housing in the area. One of the upcoming residential projects in the area is Rizvi Sea Breeze by a prominent Mumbai-based developer- Rizvi Builders.

The complex offers flats in Koliwada with a plethora of amenities for its residents, including open and closed car parking, recreational open spaces, regular water supply, electrical meter room, sub-station, fire protection, and fire safety equipment.

Proposed Infrastructural Upgrades

Recently, the state government has decided to give initiate cluster redevelopment of Koliwadas. The Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis, recently made an announcement in the state legislature regarding the development of Koliwadas in Mumbai. According to Fadnavis, a special set of Development Control Regulations (DCR) has been formulated to incentivize the development of Koliwadas by offering benefits such as the extra Floor Space Index (FSI).

This is bound to offer a significant boost for the development of these settlements in Mumbai. The redevelopment plan will focus on creating modern, sustainable housing complexes that meet the needs of the residents while preserving the cultural heritage of the community.

This is also expected to bring about a major transformation in the area, with improved housing, better infrastructure, and increased economic opportunities for the residents.


The Koliwadas in Mumbai have long been an integral part of the city’s cultural and economic fabric. And with the recent approval of a cluster redevelopment plan by the state government, there is an expected boost for the development of Koliwadas in Mumbai. This move is expected to improve the overall living conditions and infrastructure of the area while preserving the cultural heritage of the community. The redevelopment plan is likely to bring about a major transformation in the area, with better housing, improved infrastructure, and increased economic opportunities for the residents. Overall, the future looks bright for the Koliwadas in Mumbai, and the community can look forward to a more sustainable and vibrant future.