Customs Clearance Made Easy: An Overview

Extending business beyond borders is the dream of most original businesses, but very few are able to do so. Ever wondered why? 

Well, there may be hundreds of reasons behind that, but the most important one is businesses’ inability to do customs clearance correctly. Most exporters and importers get stuck in the clearance process and they never go for exports or imports again. 

Well, you really don’t have any other option except agreeing to take your goods through the customs clearance process. So you better learn how to do it in order to extend your business across borders. 

Tips for Making Customs Clearance Easy

Nowadays you can hire an expert export or import broker for your business who will do everything for you. Customs brokerage companies have made the process of clearing shipments very easy and straightforward. 

However, the process is still very overwhelming, especially for those who are new to exporting and importing. Still, you don’t need to worry about it because the following tips will help you not only understand the process but also make it much more manageable and smoother than ever:

  • Hire Expert Freight Forwarding Company

Whenever you want to extend your business beyond borders, make sure you have an expert freight forwarding company by your side. They will help you with everything from managing shipments to customs clearance. 

  • Keep Your PaperWork 100% Accurate

Most customs clearance problems arise from incomplete customs clearance paperwork. Remember that the slightest mistakes can block your shipments for months. 

Apart from that, while the customs clearance holds your merchandise you would also have to pay holding charges. So keeping paperwork accurate is extremely important. 

  • Understand that Customs Clearance is Not Optional

If you are figuring out a way to bypass customs clearance without engaging in illegal activities, that’s impossible. Every country your goods and products go through requires customs clearance. 

  • Be Aware of International Laws and Regulations

Remember that international trade laws and regulations keep getting updated over and over again. Since the import and export market is fluid, these changes are unavoidable. 

So, you have to keep track of these changes so that you don’t commit any blunders during the clearance process. Make sure you are completely aware of the trends in the exports and imports industry. 


Extending your business across borders is impossible without understanding how customs clearance works. Have an expert freight forwarding company by your side and always stay aware of the trends in the industry. 

Thoroughly check your paperwork before you apply for customs clearance and make sure you have an expert export and import broker by your side at all times.