How to make your hair grow faster- Myths & facts

We all want beautiful, long, flowing hair. But for many of us, hair growth seems painfully slow.  Let’s examine some common myths and facts about hair growth. This is a very common myth. Many people believe that getting regular trims, every 6-8 weeks, helps remove split ends and allow hair to grow faster. But the truth is trimming does not make hair grow faster; it only removes damaged ends and gives the illusion of thicker, healthier hair. Trims are important for keeping hair looking good but have no impact on the actual hair growth rate.

 Scalp massages increase circulation

Giving you a scalp massage can help increase blood circulation to the scalp and follicles. Taking just 5-10 minutes per day to massage the scalp in small circular motions can make a difference over time. Adding in a few drops of stimulating essential oils like peppermint or rosemary may further boost growth.

 Vitamins make hair grow faster

Many vitamins and supplements claim to boost hair growth, but most lack scientific evidence fort lauderdale hair salons. While vitamins are important for overall health and deficiency can cause hair loss, there is limited proof that mega-doses of vitamins speed up growth in people who are not deficient. Nutrition is but don’t expect miracles from that vitamin gummy! Washing regularly with a gentle shampoo massages the scalp and keeps pores clear. Also be wary of too much washing, heat styling, and chemical processing – these things damage hair over time.

 Strokes per day lengthens hair

Vigorously brushing hair 100 times each day is an old beauty trick, said to smooth the hair cuticle and distribute oils to add length.  Brushing is fine, even beneficial for spreading scalp oils and reducing tangles. But beyond that, rigorous daily brushing will not accelerate growth or produce noticeably longer locks.

Protect ends to retain length 

Regular trims, protective styles, proper brushing, hydrating treatments, and avoiding heat/chemical damage are all ways to retain length as your hair grows. Patience is required, but proper care yields longer hair over time.

Active ingredients boost growth

Brands claim these ingredients nourish hair and increase the rate of growth. However, there is minimal evidence that shampoo alone can dramatically speed up hair growth. These ingredients may strengthen and protect hair but are not absorbed well enough to significantly affect growth rate.

Average of half an inch per month

Genetics plays the biggest role in determining individual hair growth rates. On average, human hair grows about half an inch per month. Its growth rate varies slightly at different ages, and among ethnicities, but half an inch is typical. While some circumstances (medications, health conditions) may briefly impact growth, most things have a negligible effect on this natural rate.  Some claim these can also give an extra boost to hair growth. However, these vitamins are formulated specifically for pregnant women and their high doses are not necessarily safe or useful for everyone else while they may cause temporary extra growth initially, it is usually unsustainable long-term.